Okay, my grandpa gave me two old speaker cabnets from the early sixties built to hook up to a record player. I pooped of the back and they each have a 12" speaker, a tweeter, and a smaller speaker (6"? midrange?) Are these valuble? If I wanted to make a cab out of these would I use just the 12"s? Or should I use all the speakers and use it for bass? Any help would be appreciated.
id say use the 12's for a cab. Depending on when they are from exactly, the brand, and the condition, u could have a good peice of Jack White-type gear on ur hands. Jack uses almost only original '60s gear.
This is similar to a question I asked a few days ago!IMO,you could get sweet sound from them,as I have used one of them(Old 12 from a console player)and it sounds awesome through my ****ty Crate amp.Just don't crank them too loud(Is there such thing?)because they may be fragile.
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If those speakers were hi fi speakers then using them for a cab will probably blow them up and you shouldnt use any of them. If they were old PA speakers then you would want the 12" in an electric guitar cab. The 8" might be nice too, but unless you are playing acoustic guitar through this cab, you wont want to use the horn.
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just get a good 3 way crossover circuit for them and a swich to turn the horn on and off and you are set....
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check the ohms and the wattage. If they are hi fi speakers chances are they arent the highest wattage and wont handle the strain of your guitar or bass
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^but do you know if the speakers were PA speakers or Hi Fi speakers? Even if the wattage is high enough, it still makes a difference.
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