Hey. i'm trying to set up my Spector Arc Pro 6 trem bridge. I put higher gauge strings on it from new probably from 9's to 11's. I know I should tighten the screws at the back to pull the bridge back to the body but i have a couple of questions.

Should the bridge be pulled all the way back so the the bridge rests against the cavity in the body so that it can't be pulled back ? It ain't a Floyd Rose, it just seems a standard trem to me.

What should the tension be like when dumping the bar, should there be lots of tension or should it be pretty easy to pull down on ?

First time I've had to work with this kind of bridge system so any pointers would help.

You should tighten the springs so that the bridge is resting on the body, but not pressing against it, just enough to keep the bridge in place.

When my Strat was up and running, I only had two springs in a V shape with the screws all the way in, and the trem was nice and easy to use.
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Loosen or tighten the bridge according to the string gauge. Then screw down the bridge.
lol well if you didn't have it pressing on the body then when u bend a note the other will go out of tune until its released