i've had my sinuses cleared by frozen rain.
i've been fooled by the female protagonists name.
i've been an old dirty bastard minus the bastard, and i've done it twice.
once voluntarily through opiates entice.
i've wished for hair on my wrists so i'd have an excuse.
i've wished for courage to be cowardly, i've been a mental recluse.
i've stayed up all night for three months at a time.
i've disguised my melancholy through tree, blunts and a rhyme.
i've stolen the identity of death's cousin.
i've tipped over the bottle to ingest dozens.
i've had a soul bordering on hypothermic.
i've had tears in my eyes, pleading to nurses for hypodermics.
i've been a martian. i've been lethargic incarnate
i've begged for the backbone of a million martyrs marching.
i've gone and i've spilled my guts to you,
so i guess i have some cleaning up to do.

the only thing i feel necessary to point out:

i've been an old dirty bastard
old dirty bastard is a wu tang clan member...his initials are ODB

eviscerate it.