I couldn't find any threads on this dude so I made one, don't know if itl'l get many replys or not...

Don Mclean was and remains to be an amazing singer, song writer and a very good guitarist - recent I saw him in concert at the Liverpool Philamonic and 40's after he got famous his voice sounds exactly the same if not better! I think most of his songs are good and most are brilliant.

Fveourite album (Obviously): American Pie, got so many great songs - their isn't a single one I dont like.

So any one else a Don fan?

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i'm not really a fan, but i love american pie, i used to be obsesed with it a while back, the lyrics are awesome as hell, not my favorite song but it sure as hell kicks ass
i've never heard any of his stuff that wasn't on the american pie cd
but what i heard on there, i liked a lot.
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