I was wondering, is elbow picking really that bad? I have pretty much given up hope on wrist picking, I just always hit a point which i cannot surpass, while i believe i can achieve much higher speeds while elbow/forearm picking. Give me some advice
i wrist pick, with the elbow i feel all out of coordination and sloppy. unless im walkin it like SRV then i get a little into the elbow but not much

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I remember seeing an article somewhere about this a long time ago- Elbow picking can be accurate, as long as you're not way over the top with. I myself use elbow picking when I play standing up on a song that might be mainly power chords, or something similar, and I'll use wrist picking for pretty much anything else. Hope that helped~
well depands what you play. if your palm muting i dont think you can do it with your elbow same for artificial harmonics. I used to do both at the same time but more wrist then elbow
Personally I use sort of a hybrid finger/wrist movement type-thing (Yngwie style!), but I used to be unable to pick from anywhere but the elbow. I still use the latter when I'm either flying @ 9999nps or playing black metal (constant tremolo picking)
Tiger style.