Do you believe so? As a person says its such a beautiful day. Their mood is likely to be better then those who hate the current weather. Not taking into account what season it is, as a beautiful day for someone is totally different for someone else. What do you guys think! I myself prefer Winter Season.
I sort of thrive on misery and leech the life out of all the positivity in the world around me anyway, so no, not for me. Nomatter what season, I'll be there making snide remarks leeching the fun and enjoyment out of the lives of those around me.
Yes they do because in summer im pissed off but i have a slight happy glow about me. However in winter im jst pissed off.
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Yeah, I seem to be a bit more depressed in the winter, and more happy in the summer. School effects it a lot too.
I get more pissed at people in the Fall, dunno why.
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yeah, i think it does. winter r00lz.
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yeah it does for me- man I absolutely hate january-april.
May to September is glorious though
it does for me, i love winter cause of christmas and pretty much all winter activites, and summer im up north so i dont really spend to much time around my friends,which changes my personality
the difference between a good day and a bad day, is dog p00, i wanna smack a bit on a nice sunny day when i step in scooby doodoo
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Sex is fine
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Everyone likes gettin laid
Not for me. My mood is not affected by the weather, because I simply don't care about it. I know I can have a great time in the rain or in the sun and I can be depressed in both too. Most people do seem to enjoy the weather but for me it doesn't really make much difference. I enjoy the variety of weather in the UK actually. But yeah the season doesn't change my mood unless it changes the moods of everyone around me.
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and if u want to see some pissed off people move to Michigan it can be 80 degree nice one day and the next day it would be hellfreezing over
Sex is good
Sex is fine
Doggy Style & 69
Just for fun
Or gettin paid
Everyone likes gettin laid
i love fall/winter, and am happier during it
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I'm the happiest during fall and winter.
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I like it when it rains. Then I know that everyone else is miserabel to.
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i suppose there's a chance
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that maybe i've been a little more eager
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I like it when it rains. Then I know that everyone else is miserabel to.

hate to burst your bubble boy but playin in the rain kick miserable ass
Sex is good
Sex is fine
Doggy Style & 69
Just for fun
Or gettin paid
Everyone likes gettin laid
Nah. I'm a miserable bastard any time, anywhere.
It's gonna be a blue day
No, I want to play Halo everyday regardless of weather.
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No, I want to play Halo everyday regardless of weather.

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yes i know for a fact that seasons alter out personality. im a big nerd, so here goes. when it is sunny outside, your body produces seratonin, or happy juice. when it is not sunny outside, your body produces less seratonin. the reason for seasonal depression is that people who get this chemical imbalance produce only enough seratonin to last, and when it's dark their bodies produce barely any. that is why people only get seasonal depression in the winter; that's the darkest month. that is also why people with seasonal depression have to sit under a light for a couple hours during the winter. smiling releases more seratonin into your body, which make you feel not only psychologically happy, but physically good, too. so if you feel down just force yourself to smile because if you don't you might end up with a stiff back AND a miserable mindset.

*breathes* aaah. now, personally i LOVE winter cuz i LOVE snow. ;-).
well i love winter
and i happen to know that heat pisses me off so yes
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Its a sad, sad day.
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Really? I'm much happier in winter months. during the Summer even the thought of going out gets me mad, bad enough colleges have summer sessions.
Yes, I think they do slightly. I hate the weather in the Summer, uhg.
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i like spring best, like in late april and may. my birthday is may 8, it starts to get warmer so i can ride bikes and stuff with my friends, and the end of school draws near.
Studies suggest that more people tend to get depressed, or have existing depression gets worse, when winter comes around.
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Yes, because I have family that suffers from seasonal affective disorder.
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