Hi, I was wondering if this was a good amp to buy used for $150 canadian and if anyone had any opinions or personal experiences with them that they would share. Thanks.

ps. I use a Jackson DK2M and a Line6 Uber Metal pedal, and my current amp is a Peavey Rage 158. I like to play metal and classic rock as well as cleans.
Jackson DK2M

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Boss GT-8

Line 6 Uber Metal

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Peavey Rage 158
I think its a real good deal if its in good shape and everything works. Its 65watts solid state, when talking about Peaveys will be as loud as some 30 watt tube combos (believe me thats good and loud.) Transtubes are the tubiest sounding of all solid state amps and Peaveys are built like a tank. If I found one and needed a practice/jamming amp I would go for it. I currently own two Peaveys, one vintage 1984 and still kicking.