hi most of the time when i play my guitar my right wrist starts hurting after like 5 minutes and i think it might be since i shatterd my wrist and it doesnt like to bend or move so does anyone know anything that would help it or stop the pain
pain killers...and i use a powerball to strengthen my wrists (however ent done it for a while shuld really start that again) it rocks!
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go to a dr, ask him if you should be wearing wristguards while you sleep/work. Also, ask for some stretches and exercises to do with your wrist.
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i use them but they dont get rid of all the pain and practice really wont help cause the reason why my wrist doenst like to bend is the steal plates in it so practice cant really help
your wrist hurts? stop cutting you emo!


ask a doctor or somebody UGers aren't usually to helpful beyond icy hot
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blue i usally can only play for like 20 minutes and than i have to stop cause it hurts to much and chris i already did when i got my cast off and the doc said i only need it for a few weeks and than after that it wont help it will just make my wrist weeker
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practise a bit slower, and focus on relaxing...its the only thing that works...if you start tensing, stop, then start again...feeling calm, eventually youl feel relaxed while playing and able to go faster