I was unsure of where to put this so I put this thread here...

Yeah, I was wondering how I would go about playing this kind of tapping pattern/run as none of the lesson/articles that I can find cover it. If there is an articles then just give me a link if not then any tips would be welcome.

T = tapping
p = pull off
h = hammer on

(note: the dashes in silver are just so I can get the damn T's in position)

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yeah you could tap that.. or sweep pick that if youve got the skill... what song is that anyways?
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well put your fingers on the frets there gunna need to be, tap the 20 then follow on with the rest of it sweeping the 17 16 17 bit's, it might take a while to get but you will eventually
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just use legato. the only purpose of tapping is to hammer on an unreachable note.
you could tap that but i reckon you could play the tapped note with your little finger anyway, but tapping works too
It's from Valley of the Damned by DragonForce, there are similar patterns in Crush My Battle Opponents Balls by DethKlok, albeit with a greater distance between frets. They are both tapping parts.

So I tap, pull-off, pull-off sweep pick. Ahhh... yeah that's what I thought, it was so hard I thought I was doing it wrong. I guess I just need to practice alternating between tapping and sweeping.
'He who controls the future,
commands the past, He who commands the future, conquers the past,'-
^yup, you got it. Tap, pull off, pull off, sweep. Just practice with a metronome at a slow speed at first and build up!
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