i are need homework help. for my speech class, i'm supposed to be presenting some award to a guy in my class for chewing more tobacco than anyone else in the world, so i need to write something for that, and i'm accepting an award for being the first telemarketer to actually sell something, so i need something written for that. i don't actually want someone to write it for me or anything like that, but i'd like some good ideas to make it funny, or at least good, and not boring. i'm not creative with music or writing or anything, or else i would just do it myself, so if anyone could help me, i'd appreciate it.
haha sounds like fun but im not good at that either
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In your acceptance speech, be sure to say something along the lines of "Thank God I was able to convince Mr./Mrs. ______ (whoever won the tobacco award) to purchase a subscription to the "Tobacco of the Month" club."
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Say something like "And now fellow students, the big dipper himself, (insert name of tobacco winner). You should really enjoy listening to this guy talk while he still has a lower lip."
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Just talk about it in a serious manner. I had to make a speech to my language class a few days ago about Doctor Who, and it was just my luck to go after the person discussing euthanasia. So I made light of it, and got the people laughing.

But then again, I had my boobs on show the whole time, which got their attention. You should try it.
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^^^Best idea yet. Aside of mine.

could you expand upon that idea? i really don't want to have other people doing the work for me, but i'm not sure at all how to tie Jumangii and the Emperor's New Groove to tobacco or telemarketing?
Be creative. Is this gonna be something written out and spoken or presented like a poster/flyer/etc?
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Be creative. Is this gonna be something written out and spoken or presented like a poster/flyer/etc?

note cards and spoken.
sounds like you need some help in english class as well "I are need home work help" lol
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