Ok Ive found this really nice looking seven string, and Ive heard the company has a good reputation.

I was wondering though, should I get this, which I wont have the opportunity to play before hand as Im ordering from America, or should I just get an Ibanez seven string?

The Agile will probably be cheaper (even after the import tax and stuff) but Im not sure which will be a better guitar.

Ill also be swapping out the pickups for either Bareknuckles or Swinesheads when I get whatever I get.

I wouldn't bother with agile unless you are visiting america. I'd get the RG7321 instead if you want a 7. It has a thinner neck as well.

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Im not really too interested in whether it has the skinniest neck in the world or not. I just want a decent 7 string guitar.

I was playing my left handed friends schecter 7 string upside down today and the neck on that felt comfortable, even if it was upside down.
Yeah I quite liked it even if I couldnt play it very well upside down. It felt nice at least. Wasnt a fan of the EMGs on it though, and I like EMGs. I would consider a Schecter or an Ibanez if this Agile is crap. Ill just have to save up more.
At that range, the Schecter Omen 7 ($350), Ibanez RG7321 ($30), and that Agile ($400) are your choices. I recommend playing with them all to weed out what you don't want. The Agile, IMHO, looks the most awesome of the three, and has an ebony fingerboard which is a sweet find at the price. It is a problem that it's tough to try it out before buying...to be honest, I think you'll like the Schecter.