So I've been wondering for a while now, what if I put a bridge humbucker in the neck???? Any Ideas of how that would sound. Keep in mind that the other hb would also be a bridge to. Also could I put Gibson P-94's where seymour duncans where installed previously??
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Why? The whole point of having separate neck and bridge pickups is because they're designed to sound better that way! Neck pickups are wound to take advantage of the lower string tension and wide vibration in the neck position. Equally bridge pickups are voiced to sound slightly better with the sharper, snappier part of the string.

Swapping them round would work fine, but wouldn't sound as good anyway, so it's a pretty pointless thing to do...
You'd have a really loud neck position, but otherwise I dunno if it'd sound too much different. The most difference in pickups comes from the position, not which they're made for. Older guitars often had identical pickups in each position.
Back in the old days, neck and bridge pickups used to be essentially the same. The neck would be louder, but it certainly wasn't that bad.

Now adays, the bridge pickups are wound to be louder than neck pickups. This evened them out so the louder winding of the bridge pickup would compensate for the louder nature of neck pickups.
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The earliest strats used a hotter pickup in the neck because hotter pickups give you a fatter midrange and they wanted to copy the neck tone of their telecaster. I love the tonal combination of a hot pickup in the neck and a cool one in the bridge. In fact, in my strat, right not, I have a 10K pickup in the neck and a 5.9K pickup in the bridge. In my RG I'm using a 24K pickup in the neck and a 12K pickup in the bridge. It means I have to use the volume knob a lot, but I'm ok with that.
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stevie ray vaughan put his single coil bridge pickup in the neck. its partly how he got his signature sound along with many other factors
anyway if your just swapping the pickups around you can try it out and if it doesn't sound good you can swap it back
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