Well. It might be close to ska anyway. We basically play ska without the horns.

Heavily influence by sublime.

Cool stuff guys, real chill and fun, I live in PA as well.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
ska doesnt NEED horns, look at the suicide machines

can deffinately hear your sublime influence
the songs sound really good, the recording is not so great though

sounds like you havnt mic'd up the drum kit and recorded everything seperately? you can get alot more "OMPH" out of it that way in the mix, the kick is much louder than everything else in the song and not very crisp, and the snare is pretty week.

the bass is really good, but could do with alittle compresion i think, same with the guitars

and you can sing pretty well but the recording doesnt do you much justice, you can hear it peaking and it makes it distort a bit.

overall i think your band has loads of potential, the songs are really good, you should try to get some better recordings done, you could even play with some samples an stuff like sublime did, could work pretty well.

crit my band?


Hey, you guys are the band that wanted play a show with The Uninspired! You guys are good!
i like you guys a lot. very unique sounding. the guitar tone is ultimate chill. and the basslines are pretty badass. the singer has a unique voice, reminds me of the dude from everclear(sort of). overall i do get the sublime vibe, y ME GUSTA MUCHO
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Hey thanks so much for all of the feedback guys. We really love to hear it. I will crit any band that you want if you crit mine so hit us up.
anyone who feels like it hit us up on myspace and give us your adress and I will mail demos to people when we finish it. SOmetime around Christmas we should have a demo with about seven tracks on it...