cuz i need a cheap little crap amp around 15 watts.

so what would it be?

EDIT: for those who dont know, the 15G is one of the crappiest guitar amps ever, and is known for being extremely loud at at 2 and silent at 1.5-ish
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there is technically a fender frontman 15B bass amp; I used to have one... It was better than silent at 1.5 and it never got loud... but I still wouldn't buy it.
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for small bass amps, i lean more toward Hartke's offerings. should be in the same price range.

You know I played thru one of those today, and I was surprised how nice the lower wattage Hartke's sounded. Definitely better than the Kustoms I'm accustomed to.
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you want a crap bass amp? Try the Kustom KBA10

Sigh...yes, that was my first practice amp. 35 bucks and priced accordingly to quality.

Their amps aren't too bad once you get above 30 watts tho'.
haha im playing the guitar one now, I keep it next to my comp so i can play while on the computer. And yes on 2 it is really loud and below that its silent!!! But its not that bad for small 1st amp. Their is defently worse.
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The equivalent to what you're talking about is the Rumble 15 probably.

+1, I have one, it's good...Li'l crackly now though
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
my first bass amp was a Kustom 200 combo, 2x15's. it was really heavy. i think i gave $150 or $200 in '77 or '78. it was my only amp for about 5 years.