Hey, I'm trying to test into the studios here at Purchase College but in order to I must find the answers to these questions. Answers which the person checking our competency will not teach us. I was told to "look it up, and ask around" so i'm asking you guys. Also, I'll need to explain this stuff....i mean actually understand it so if you could be in depth yet simple it would be appreciated. Answer what you can!

Thanks alot.
(ps...there are two parts, sorry this was the easiest way i could think to upload)
Test (Part 1 of 2)
Test (Part 2 of 2)
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As a sophomore in high school who's dream job is studio engineering, reading the first part of that test almost made me want to cry.

Might I ask what you mean when you say "test into the studios"?
wow thats rough. I almost understand some of it, but I wouldn't know the "vernacular" to explain it with.

edit: you might find some of the answers from wikipedia or just searching, like sample rates and bit depths of pro digital recording
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