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25 53%
'bout the same
11 23%
11 23%
Voters: 47.
I'm sorry if this has been done before, if so delete it please.

Anyway, how many of you play your instrument more than listening to music? I know I listen to a whole lot more music than I play.
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I do a lot of both and they are both extremely enjoyable. :\
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i listen to music whenever im doing homework, playing games, driving, etc. so whenever im not playing, im usually listening.
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I listen to music so f*cking much, I do that much much more than I play my guitar. When I do play guitar, I usually like to jam to the songs I listen to.
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I don't know. I probably listen to music more.
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i saw this one video of clapton where he was talking about just sitting around with friends in the 60s listening to music, never talking or playing, for like 2 or 3 days straight. then, they would actually jam or play or whatever.

well, thats my story, but i listen a lot more
I prefer not just to listen but play....

Listening only requires alittle brain power
Playing requires lots
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I listen to way more music than i play, but i prefer to play my guitar. It's more enjoyable for me to write a piece of music than listen to it, only just though.
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Round both maybe more listening lately.

I have trouble at concerts because it really makes me with I was on stage playing, but now I'm in a band so hooray.
I think it's mostly the same.

But I probably listen more than I play.

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I have more opportunity to listen than to play.

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