OK so yeah I wrote this to my gf... idk what to think about it...

"Tripping on the "L" Word

He fumbles over words to describe this feeling,
unlike anything hes felt before,
He just wants to scream, to let it all out
Again he stumbles, over these words.
That are bigger than them both.

He trips over the words he can't say,
Falling flat onto the ground,
You pull him back up again, dust off his shoulders,
He just turns and walks away.

Still unable to put this into words,
this rush of the word he can't speak,
He opens his mouth, to try to say it,
Nothing but a rush of air,
Now its her turn to leave him, standing on the dark street,
cold and unaware, of whats just passed him, that he'll never find again.
this is so good... when i finished it i was like.. aww thats sad! but i really like it, and i can relate to it in a way.
Just about the title, at first I thought it was in reference to the TV show.
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ouch... the most cliche thing ive ever read. if your subject matter is going to be this painfully boring and overdone, you could begin to use abstract images or language to make it less predictable and boring.

i remember once i had a crush on a girl, and stuff like this used to spew from me as well. you'll hate yourself when you look back at this. haha