Here are some ska songs i've written.


no horns as of yet.
Bitchin, it's some decent ska but you don't rip off sublime like every other local ska band.
I'm really diggin it. Oh yeah, but the first verse of break-up reminds me of sublime's new realization, but it's a great song. Keep it comin.
Edit: Btw, would you be against aloowing downloads for more of your songs?
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not really at all.

We are super Heavily Influenced by sublime though, as about half our set is sublime covers at every show. But It is just because that is the style of music we enjoy creating.
Thanks very much for the support my friend. Check back later for new tracks and hit us up with an f/r for sho.
**** yeah i love sublime!! And you sound alot like them but in a good way. You heard of pepper? please crit mine in my sig thanks.
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Yeah man Pepper is the ****. I've got every album and every sublime bootleg. Over twenty.
Thats great make it downloadable man i want that on my ipod.
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