you might like these guys. You remind me of them. They are on our scene.


Great sound by the way. Rhythm player might want to throw a compressor on the guitar there and tighten up the distortion a little. Other than that it sounds great. ALso. Work on super tightness.

Keep up the hard work.
Thanks, Yeah the recording was pretty rough, We were running out of time.

We are going to record a new track this weekend, It'll sound better - Im still getting familiar with the recording gear.
You know that is often the way it goes.

If you are using a portable studio with some amp models on it, and you aren't quite happy with them, just run a guitar cable from the headphone outpout of your amp into your mixer and use your own amp. NEver use the speaker outputs though, as you will damage your eq.
We use a Zoom Mrs-4b Multitrack Recorder, and then we mic up everything (Say do a drum take, then guitar and so on..) Run those mics through a mixer and then to the recorder. I just need to get some studio Quality headphones, I was using some cheesy ones I found laying around.
Im Bumping my own thread because we posted a new song online last night, check it out!