i was just wondering what the huge V connecting the 7 and the 3 twelves ment on the top half, and what the little 79 infront of the 9 11 ment on the bottom tab.
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The huge V thing is a whammy bar dive. I think you have to depress the bar so that the pitch shifts down one full step(two frets), but I don't actually have a whammy so I could be wrong.

as for the 79 thing at the bottom of the tab, it's called a grace note. You're supposed to slide from 9 and 7 to 11 and 9 quickly. If it's on gp, just play it, and you'll hear what it's supposed to be like. hope this helps
The V is a divebomb. You push down on your whammy bar to lower the pitch 1 tone, which is why it says -1. Down a semitone would be -1/2, down a tone and a half -1 1/2, and so on.

The 7 and 9 are grace notes. You start on them, and quickly slide up to the 9 and 11, putting the emphasis on those notes, not the small ones.

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they both got it right.

if your still having trouble, single out that track, lower the bpm and play it. and you should hear it a little better