Whats a good high gain pickup that will fit into my SC slot?
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your title is an oxymoron. you have to widen the slot to fit 'buckers in there
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but yeah its fine
i think hes talking about compacted hums

they sound nice but if i were you id leave the single coil cuz imo, single coils have a nicer clean
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I've heard good things about the Seymour Duncan Hot Rails. Aside from that, I haven't heard much, but you could look into:
Hot Rails
Cool Rails
Mini JB
Lil 59
All by Seymour Duncan

I think there's a couple by Dimarzio as well, I want to say the Fast Track 2, but I don't actually know what the models are.

What sounds do you want to get out of it? What guitar and what pickup position will you be putting this in?
Ive only tried Hot Rails and they were pretty nice. In fact they had thicker tone than I had expected.
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I got a brandless Minibucker for the bridge of my Strat, and a 500k pot. The pot made it quite bright, but it's wuite crunchy and at 14k quite fat too. It also has decent cleans, because of the combo of Alder Body + Maple Neck + Single Size + 500k tonepot for it in my Strat. It's got enough fatness for me, like a modern single. I like it.
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