Well this is the first time I've ever posted here and I hope I won't get flamed. So recently I got a job and I want to make one big buy before I start to save and what I want to buy is a Gibson ES-335(I simply love this guitar). So here's my question, how should I got about getting one of these? My local music store doesn't stock it. I'm not looking an opinions on what guitar to buy I've wanted one of these for ever. Thanks guys hopefully you guys will be more helpful then the pit.
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ebay/musiciansfriend/craigslist/local shops/pawn shops (you might get lucky)

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

just order it off online or something. usually getting things over online works, and if it doesnt, just ship it back
lol pawn shop...

1 what kind of music you play
2 good looking guitar < performance
3 always try a guitar before you buy it
4 Always try more then one guitar (brand/model).

if your choice is done and you really want that guitar go to another shop (the one i want i have aint in my local shop).
Pawn shops arent a good idea, b/c u might get a broken/problematic guitar. Musiciansfrien.com or Guitarcenter.com will definately have em. They are rather expensive as im sure u kno ($4,000?????). theres some better guitars for the money, but if u want it, and u got the money, get it. Then start saving for a Soldano Amp, which is much less that $4000. And there u go, u got BB King tone. Or alot of other tones.
I love 335's. Many players don't realize how versitile and good playing they are.