Northern Holocaust

Crit for crit

Decayed lives on my door step
Yells and cries of your warfare
Alliances build a military of pure demolition
Hell has reached heaven when hope bails
As tranquility, communication fails
Guns begin increasing its nation
As hero slowly decrease soon into extinction

As the souls of millions rot in the ground
America becomes the world war zone
Pride turns into nationalization

You’re in the realm of hellion supremacy
In the world of hatred and extreme discrimination
Of all diversified nation, you’re in my world
Follow the lead of the northern holocaust
Where misguided marionettes call this home!

Presidency is a god’s game
There words of incorrect justice is put into History’s dairy
For children to find there own ruthless way of authority
Combatants of torment are driven to exterminate
A peaceful mans words is another mans war!