I live in australia and ive been looking through ebay to try and find a cheap wah pedal. I found a crybaby GCB95 in America. The question i have is will this pedal work over in australia even though it comes from america??
If you make sure the power you're feeding it is correct I don't see why not...

But I'm not too smart with this so correct me if I'm wrong...
G'Day M8 You know...I never thought of what voltage they use in Aussie land. Do you guys use 220v or 120v standard at your outlets??

Just curious in Texas

It says that it uses an optional ECB03 power supply. But would the battery's used in the pedal be the same type here?
Umm im not sure. But the battery we would use in the pedal would be a 9v battery. What do u use?
Ohk thanks but what about the power supply? Does im 15 so i dont really have a clue what type we use. Does anyone know?
Yeah, I'm 14, so I just don't even plug American appliances into non-American sockets even if I do have an adapter. Just google something and compare the voltages of American and Australian.