ya, so I met this chick right? She's spanish and wow...ya, so I start talking to her and start getting to know her, so I wrote her a song. I want some good feadback and crit in here before I sing it to her. thanx...(by the way, Soledad is Spanish for Solitude)


Make a wish and dreams come true
Set a sail and watch it into the blue
What's an open door
If I don't walk through...
so I, watch the stars move
in the summer sky
The earth holds my back
and I'm, drownin' in the moon's light
and I, think of all the places
and the faces
and people that I've known
When I'm all alone I go home
...to my Soledad

Oh, my Soledad,
All of my days
and my dreams
and my wishes
can all come true
...in my Soledad

Every now and then
somebody's gonna' say
how much for your dreams
tell me what could I pay
and with my eyes closed, my eyes closed,
I could say, go on take everything away
...but my Soledad


al admirar la distancia de los cielos
me da esperanza
que mis anchelos
se cumpliran,
y aun que sea por un momanto
no me escapa sl sentimento
que este lugar ma da
y por un dia mas,
puedo dejar todo atras
...en mi Soledad

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