I just got my permit back in July and I'm 15. I took drivers ed this summer and it was alright. I felt really comfortable and I really enjoyed driving. Well I started driving again with my dad. For some reason, all the fun and comfort is gone. I am now somewhat frightened and I don't know why.

I guess I had a bad first day driving his 2007 Altima. I almost crashed by accidently cutting of a guy and my dad of course yelled at me. I still dunno why I am afraid. I mean, I don't know if its that I hate driving with my dad, hate driving that nice car, or just hate driving in general.

Can someone give me ideas on what to do? I was thinking of calling up my grandpa and having him drive with me on the weekends.
i thought i was a pro driver after 6 months experience, got my license first try, but then bam, wet pavement strikes after a dry spell and your car spins out and flips on a turn....big trouble. just remember, accelerate when changing lanes, and if its rainy, dont drive above 40.
I'm somewhat on the same boat with you. My dad's pretty scrutinous on my driving. You probably don't hate driving; you just feel nervous being judged. Once your driving gets better, you're dad will stop making you feel like your doing everything wrong, thus making you feel more comfortable. Eh, you'll just get used to it. Time.
I drive great with my mom! My dad is more intimidating, my turns arn't as good.

Just relax, Driving is all in the mind!
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and if its rainy, dont drive above 40.

Uhhhhh how do you drive on the freeway?
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well if you're a starter at driving, the freeway shouldnt be an option until you're very comfortable. I personally just got my license, and have been driving for 8 months before. It's awkward at first, but i'ts one of those stepping stones you gotta get use to.
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When theres fresh rain its more slick then if its been raining for more than an hour or two. This is because theres a layer of dryed oil, gas, transmission fluid, anything that comes out of a car, all that is dryed on road and when the road gets wet, all of that becomes liquid again, and guess what? those are all lubricants.
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how would you guys recommend to relax?

I do feel a lot more tense knowing that "hey, im gonna be driving home today" than when I actually start driving
Eh, i've been drivin for 6 years, and nothing bad has happend so far. As far as parents go, i drive like Jeff Gordon on meth with my mom in the car, but i just drive normally with my dad. He's never had any negative remarks about it. You'll get used to it, after a year or so, it's like a second nature to you.
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The best thing to is take the car out once you get your license and just cruise around your neighborhood. You don't have to be anywhere, no distractions, hopefully not too much traffic, and just in case something DOES happen, you're close to home. As many have stated already, driving is just one of those things that takes practice and confidence building. If you've still got your permit, go out with a family you feel comfortable with (dad, mom, older sibling, whoever). The worst part is feeling nervous while driving, it only magnifies any fears and really takes away from the learning experience.

Good luck on the test, you'll do fine. And remember, even if it takes a few tries, it's worth it.
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Don't think about driving until you have to. Once you're in the seat, you'll be much more relaxed, and while driving just be calm and always pay attention to the road because you could be the best driver in the world, but there will always be morons who don't know how to drive. If you're afraid of driving and get very very nervous, I guess you have to wait some time.
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Uhhhhh how do you drive on the freeway?

There's a reason that freeways are freeways... Because there aren't sharp turns, just don't be an idiot... :P

It's compeletely different with my parents, my moms the one who gets scared and stuff when you do something wrong, my dad just sits back and watches... He will let you know if you did something wrong but he won't get mad or make you feel nervous.
If you have initial fears, drive around the neighborhood till you got everything perfectly. I went on the freeway the very first day I drove a car. It was a bit scary, yet very very f*cking awesome.
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i just got my permit back in july and i feel the same way.

every time my mom picks me up, i have no problem driving, but if its my dad i wont even ask if i can get behind the wheel.

but once im actually moving, i have no problem. i just relax and pay attention to whats going on. then its much easier to not make mistakes (for me anyways)

try not to get so tensed up about it and u should be fine

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turn on a radio station you like so you'll be more relaxed and just think about driving not about your dad
well i have been driving since i was a litle kid becous i drive all the time on our farm so it was natural for me but i think that all you need is some practice
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dude same here. when i drive with my mom, shes patient and all but if i make one little mistake, shell go on a huge rant about it. but hey they're moms, and thas why we love em'
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Just always look around, and check your blind spots when changing lanes and such. When you "get the big picture" (driving class reference) you'll feel safer because you know what's going on.

On another note, I once hit my teacher's truck while it was parked in the lot next to the college, and I still hate parking. It's just something you get used to over time.
I've had my license since this summer and nothing really bad happened until a few weeks ago. I backed into my dad's trailer when I was trying to get out of the garage.

But I mean driving and backing out/parking are almost two different things. Now I'm always nervous backing out of parking spaces and stuff because you just can't see that well. But with driving I'm totally confident.

One thing I learned from driver's ed is whenever you get behind the wheel say to yourself "I'm gonna do the best that I can". As lame as it sounds it helped me, hopefully it'll help you.
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