What do you guys think about the jackson dinky DK2M?I have been lokking a it latly and want to get some more opinions.
is that the Dinky with the 3 pickups or the 2 EMGs? I think the one with the 2 EMGs is going to be my next guitar.
I played one.. its pretty nice, I almost bought it to... but when I went back latter it was sold //
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they're pretty bad ass bro. plays really good...and doesn't look 1/2 bad. Definitly good for metal...
I really want them to be good for metal cause thats what i play.I'll find out soon.I'm gonna go to guitar center tommorow and try one.
looks pretty nice. have a look at the MG series too
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Extremely high quality. They play really nice, and have good trems that should give you a lot of years of whammy bar abuse. The pickups are actual Seymour Duncans btw, not Duncan Designed as MF says.
ive just got one of these going to pick it up from the store on friday my 1st guitar with a floyd on it hopefully wont be as tricky as ive heard but yeah the guitar plays really nice neck feels amazing aswell just leave the seymour duncans in the sound amazing already no point in replacing em
i was going to buy this one but bought a tele instead cuz i dont really play metal. but it is a sexy guitar
I've tried one before. Didnt really like the thin neck (preference) and hated the blocky bolt on joint.

But other than that, its a good quality guitar. Personally, I'd rather go for LTD's neckthru superstrats, but thats just me.
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