Hey im looking to get a ribbon mic and the Nady RSM-5 and Cad Trion 7000 seem to be the winners in the up to $US300 budget for each mic (i live in aus but i'd get it imported from ebay or something) and was wondering if anyone had compared them or knew which one would be better... or if they could sugest a completely different mic thats better for the same or lower price.

Actually if anyone could help with choosing some other mics coz im looking to get one of each type.

Solid LDC im thinking along the lines of Audio technia at4040/4050 or the Rode NT1-a

Tube im thinking mxl v67, adk vienna, and another tube mic by a brand called bardl which i'll prob get. I know the vienna and v67 have very much their own sound and im wondering if theres a sort of more generic sort of tube mic for the budget.

im looking to spend up to 300US on each mic.. so if anyone could give some pointers that would be great
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Nady, IMO is cheap gear..and a $70 mic Isn't going to work well if you ask me.

I would go with the Cad Trion 7000 if I had to choose between the two.

you may want to look here for some reviews on mics:

and preamps because they are also important:
Would you have any other sugestions for mics in that price range? Or for other kinds in that price range?
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i was thinking of that... ive just heard people say that the at4040/4050 has a bit more transparent sound to it and i can get it for around the same price. Any sugestions for the tube mics? And do you know of any other ribbon mics out there for around that price, doesnt matter if its below i just have a budget otherwise i'd get a c414 or something.

And from reading about the pre-amps ill probably go the presonus bluetube or the m-audio dmp3. its only a shame i'll need to buy two of them and a rack mounting kit TO rack mount them.