Hey, I'm doing a spanish report on Ernesto Che Guevara, and I need a little help, I just need to know what state Cuba was in before the Revolution came about. What made Fidel Castro and his army fight against Batista, other than the fact that he was a dictator, and that there was a lot of poverty and a large contrast between the poor and the rich. I just need to know some kind of background on this all because it's a little difficult to find some good background problems that lead to the Revolution.

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Not to sound harsh but I think wiki can help you more than we can.


only thing i know about Cuba or Cubans is that my school found my spanish teacher on the coast of florida
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I've been looking through it, but it's not really what I need, it never tells me the specific problems that the people of Cuba faced.
i did a report on him last year.

i cant remember **** from it though.


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I know that's it's funny how Che was a renowned socialist, yet most kids wear him on there clothes bought at Hot Topic, knowing nothing about the guy. We're discussing your matter in Cold War now, I'll fill you in on some info if Wiki doesn't help. good luck.
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i did a report on him last year.

i cant remember **** from it though.


Dangg, it's alright, thanks though.
I read a book by Mike Gonzalez called Che Guevara and the Cuban Revolution a while ago so will try and remember what i can if it helps,

i think the book is really good so far, some points which i know so far were that first off Castro was in favour of democratic change but Batista came into power and immediately annulled imminent elections. Batista was backed by the US to stop a threat of communism. The US was directly intervening in cuban politics, citing that it was 'protecting US citizens'. A 'mysterious' explosion on the USS Maine in Havana, 1901, provided the pretext for the 1901 Platt Amendment - a clause in the cuban constitution which permitted US intervention on cuban soil whenever it deemed its interests at a threat. US economy incorporated cuba into it with sugar being the main reason, and so US capital was able to consolidated its domination over the economy.

Just before batista came into power after the crash of the US economy, which hit cuba hard, living standards fell, unemployment rose etc popular resentment to the Machado regime grew. 1933 there were series of protests, strikes and demonstrations which brought Machado down. During this period workers soviets were set up under communist leadership. students led by members of the Revolutionary Directorate, took a key role - so much so that Fulgencio Batista called upon the students to name the new president of the republic.

The new republic lasted only a few months and was overthrown by noncommissioned officers in the army led by Batista, backed by the US. Although in he ruled from behind the presidential throne from 1934 he wasnt president until 1940. In the years before he became president he ruled with help from the cuban communist party which wanted an end to US domination of the economy. But in the years to come the Communist party would work together with Batista, also in collaboration with the US communist party. but in 1947 after WWII batista turned against the communist party as the cold war started. and basically after that it was batista ruling with US backing.

I hope this helps, that is if i remember rightly what was said in the book, i read it a while ago so cant remember it fully, i only really remember that it made me dislike US politics, especially foreign policy in latin america even more.
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