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Looks like I need more help. I'm going to be playing a Vintage VS6 through a Palomino V8 (and later on, a Hot Rod Deluxe). I know I will have to change the pups for the VS6, so I'm planning to do research ahead of time. I play Classic Rock mostly, so I want a beautiful clean tone. I also play Harder Rock like AC/DC so I also need distortion. I was thinking a Gibson 57 Classic Plus/BurstBucker Pro combo would be good. What are your thoughts?
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The Semour duncan does a better job making classic sounding gibson pickups than gibson does. Perhaps it's because Seymour perchased the winders that gibson used and now seymour is making pickups with them. The Classic '59 will sound more vintage than the Gibson 57 Classic and it'll be cheaper.
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