Fender American Special Mahogany Strat


i've been wanting one of these for awhile now and im planning to save for it.
I play metal and all, but im about to join a grunge/punk band (nirvana/social distortion influence) and i always wanted a fender strat since my friend has the squier version of this and it is honestly quite good.
anyone have any personal opinions on this/personal experiences?
just want to know what ya'll think of this.
I really love this guitar.


EMG 89 (wtf?)

uh yeah...wtf?
that single/hum pickup looks sick, but I'd definitely have to try one out first before investing in it. great idea though.
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it throws me off because nobody uses EMG 89s, and it's like...wow are they brand new?
i like how the EMG part is in pink on the black cover one
it would match my Alexi perfectly (yeah i got the special edition with the pink bevels)
um..why 89? nobody uses them...

try out some 81s...or i might even suggest not to go with EMGS, try seymour duncans
im not asking are they good or not newb (that wasn't nice of me )
i just wanna know what's the dealio with them?

and you know what.
i highly HIGHLY doubt you've tried the Blackouts yourself.
they aren't even designed for 6-string guitars you know that?
That is the paint job I was gonna do on a strat bodied guitar on friday haha.
Quote by sum_ugly_man
um..why 89? nobody uses them...

That means they must be bad, if Zakk Wylde doesn't use them