Howdy. So, recently I've hearing horror stories that dear Comcast has been throttling bittorent traffic. I have also caught whiffs of it just being a cruddy ISP now, with different instances. I've also experienced some sub-par customer service.

Point being; I currently have Comcast Digital Cable. I dont believe my torrents are being throttled; YET. My mom has previously asked me about switching. I at first said i didn't care. But the alternative would most definitely be Fios. I am 99% sure it is available in my area, so thats NBD. SO I wish to ask my fellow UG'ers:::

  • Do you have Comcast and Dislike it?
  • Planning to switch ISP's?
  • Is Comcast throttling DOWN speeds as well as UP speeds?
  • Fios? Is is better torrent wise? Better all around?
  • Is it much faster than Cable?

BTW I'm in New Jersey; if It matters.

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my comcast service sucks. it's out at least once a week for entire days at a time for "upgrades"
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Comcast sucks the modems they give you overheat. I would switch but my dad likes getting Howard Stern on the digital cable.
My internet is nice but phone service is horrible....we ended up switching from Verison to Comcast and they canceled the date for our phone to be replaced. so my mom called the place and said for them to just not bother. they then took our number some how and have it in their system and can't get it back so now we have no house phone number....pretty gay ehh. btw this happened tonight...
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My mom has had Comcast for years, and it's sucked for years.
Service has always been balls, they are constantly down, and whenever you have a problem they simply say "Reset it. That didn't work? Unplug it for a while, then call back."
By the time you call back since it doesn't work, they're closed or too busy.
I'm in Michigan and am looking for a cable/ISP myself.
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Except for being down for a day once and a while, I've never had any speed problems with Comcast. I just have the internet, not the TV or phone. For TV, I have DIRECTV, and for phone, some other service. I have a plasma TV with DIRECTV HD and I think it's way better than Comcast's TV anyway.
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