I heard from around the grapevine that speed on almost any instrument has to do with how much fast-twich muscle you have (along with practice and technique, obviously). I also heard that your endurance has more to do with slow-twitch muscle. Is this true? If so, are some people just more naturally inclined to have greater speed, endurance, or both?
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i think fast-twitch slow-twitch muscles are an urban myth arent they?
any way it would make sense......
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i think its true..if by fast-twitch u mean shaking ur hand really fast? lol sounds funny but i think its true..i kind of have it. you know how you grab on like a baby's chin and shake it to make them go "uhhhhh." is thatwhat you're talking about? lol.

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Long story short: You can change the ratio between fast and slow twitch muscle through training. Ideally you'd want a balance between the two.

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