Hey UGers, just finished mixing this song about 20 minutes ago. I'm calling it stegosaurus because I think it sounds kind of dinosaur jrish. I wrote and played all the instruments. Sorry about the terrible singing.

its on my profile. Top song on the music player.


all criticism welcome, leave a link to your thread and I'll return the favor.
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I like the composition as a whole. All the instruments fit together nice. The solo was neat it just struck me as out of tune or something when it first started but that feeling passed quickly lol. I guess it just caught me off guard or something which is a good thing in my book when it comes to music.
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It's a catchy tune, but the main riff is very generic. I've heard it in probably about 1000 other songs. As well as the chorus; It isn't all that original but if it's what you're going for then cool.

I agree with you on the singing, it isn't that good. But it can definitely be improved if you work on it. What I have done that I found effective was play a chord on my guitar and try to match the pitch with my voice. I've also done that playing through scales.

Keep practicing.
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MikeLikes2Rock, I tried your idea, Genius!

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