So I basically love the Schecter Tempest Custom. but I am not a fan of glossy necks, which apparently this one has. According to the website, it has a 3 piece maple/mahogany neck. Could I possibly sand it down to the wood so it's nice and smooth like the Wizard necks? If I was going to get this done professionally, how much would it cost? Could I do it myself? How would it look without the gloss, like would the wood like any other maple or mahogany neck? Answers please

Uhh, It won't become like a wizard neck...

You never want to take off too much wood from the neck. You can on the other hand slightly re-contour it to suit your hand.

Just like any sanding process, first start with 60 grit and sand out the rough idea of the shape you want. Be sure to sand every part of hte neck evenly. You don't want to be sanding too much in on spot and ruining your neck permanently.

Once you have hte general shape sanded out, take 220 grit and sand it so the rough grains are smooth. Repeat this step with 400, 600, 800, 1200, and 2000

Then you finish it with an oil finish, such as tung oil or tru oil, I normally apply 3-4 coats. Then a quick rub down with 00000 grade steel wool.

Then then it should be really smooth.
It'll be about as smooth as a maple neck per se? What will it look like? Will the gloss be all off or will it just be smoother? Would this be better to have a professional do, and how much cost-wise? I'm a total beginner at this and don't want to screw up a nice guitar's neck.
You could use 0000 steel wool to get rid of the gloss on the neck, it makes the neck feel smoother.
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