so i read this book about 2 months ago and my teacher decides we should have a test on it. figured id be ****ed but luckily she gave us a study guide which is pretty much the test. i need some help please, if you know any of these, please give the number and the answer. thanks, just answer one or two that you might now, im trying to find the rest of them in the book.
almost all of the answers are just characters names
1- captain of the Pharaon -
2- owner of the Pharaon -
3- Exiled to Elba -
4- Killed franz's father -
5. Maximillians father -
6. has a buisness partnership and love affair with Madame Danglars -
7- daughter of ali pasha -
8- ali pasha's wife
9- betrayed ali pasha-
10- paralyzed by stroke
11- poisoned by madame villefort - (5 characters)
12- in love with maximillian -
13- engaged to albert-
14- engaged to andrea-
15- engaged to franz
16- buried child in garden
17- challenged the count to duel
18- place where edmond spent 14 years
19- place where napoleon was defeated
20- place where edmond is from
21- starved to death
22- married fernand
23- fought war in greece
24- dantes friend in prison
25- ownder of the treasure that became edmonds-
26- famous italian bandit - answer is luigi
27- required to pay outrageous for fod
28- innkeeper, smuggler, murderer
29- murdered adoptive mother
30- inspector of prisons
31- benedettos adoptive father
32- owner of horses bought by Count
33- former owner of house in auteuil bought by count
34- doctor who believes people are being murdered
35- thought he had killed villefort
36- count de morcerf's real name
37- two prisoners who escaped from prison together
38- begged for alberts life to the count
39- killed himself after discovering the counts identity
40- went insane
41- joined the army after his fathers disgrace
42- arrested during signing of marriage contract
43- killed caderousse
44- owed money to hospitals
45- expected debray to marry her after her husband left her
46- left paris with the count
47- list the disguises of edmond dantes- answer- lord wilmore, sinbad the sailor, abbe busoni, what else am i missing
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dude go on sparknotes or something
btw that book is awesome
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its a bunch of short answer questions, it would take me several hours, i figured i can probably get out 20 or so answers from anyone who knows the characters names and that way it would only take me 30 minutes to get the rest from spark notes
That is such a good story.

Unfortunately, I don't remember any of the characters
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