Whats up dudes of UG?!

I was thinking about getting an Ibanez S 320 ( http://ibanez.com/eg/guitar.aspx?m=S320 ) but I've never been able to get used to playing a guitar with a trem because I use a ton of palm muting and I play in drop b often. If anyone has tried this guitar, I would like an opinion on it. And if you think I could adjust to the ZR trem.

But to the title topic... are there any good cheap ESPs (up to 600usd)? I've never played any LTDs (just the higher end ones) before so I would like to know if any of them are worth buying for playing metal (keeping in mind I prefer non-trem and use drop tunings).
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yea dude esp/ltd 's are awesome, i have a discontinued dave mustaine dv 200 that i got for about 550 and its bad ass

check out some on musicians friend for around 600 and possibly they will come with a free case
there is the LTD EC-500s that come with emg 81/60 pup set and still look nice. (the white one anyway, the black one looks gay IMO)

my advice for you is:

never get a locking tremolo guitar (unless it's Munky's signature)
you+b tuning+locking tremolo=
m-1000 is a very awesome geetar for a ltd..i was considering it for a next guitar but most likely will be saving up for a caparison
Any ESP's are good IMHO. They are sold in dealers that must set them up well. But for good woods and pups on top of the stellar setup and ergonomics, any 400/500 series guitar will do the trick.You may want a baritone guitar...the Viper VB-400 seems the best for you, especially since you go to near 7-string drop tunings. Then again, many ESP's are good at drop tunings, especially since they're made for metal to begin with. It's $580.
my $250 ESP m-100fm kicks ass. i'm sure that a $600 one will make you very happy
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