I am looking into buying a new Buddy Guy album, just taking a consensus, which album of his is your favorite and why would you recommend it? Thanks
I Was Walking Through the Woods, primarily because of the song "Watch Yourself."
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i have 2 buddy guy cd's, 'damn right i got the blues' and 'feels like rain', difficult to choose one of them but probably DRIGTB has some more memorable tracks including 'mustang sally'.
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"Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Play the Blues"

Definitely gotta recommend the early stuff w/ Junior Wells. His tone wasn't so great in those days, but his playing was phenomenal.

Just make sure you get one of the cds that says "Buddy Guy and Junior Wells." There are a bunch of "Junior Wells Band featuring Buddy Guy" albums and, while those are great, Buddy doesn't play many solos.
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"Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Play the Blues"

definitely. i have this, it is awesome!
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Buddy Guy and Junior Wells "Alone and Acoustic"

That album changed my life...
Wow, I hear a lot in favor of the Buddy Guy and Junior Wells Play the Blues....I have to go pick it up now.