I'm getting a ibanez sz720fm and my genre of music is mostly classic rock with a little bit of blues dabbled in. I want to know the best amp i can get for my money because my old one sucks and i intend for this new amp to last a little bit. I'm trying to stay in the $100-$200 range (pretty strictly) and i realize it is going to be pretty small.

What i really need for this amp to be able to do is to just be a practice amp and be able to work for some jamming. i am a decent player, nothing special. some effects would be nice. I pretty much have a completely open mind so im taking all suggestions (duh).

Thanks a lot
classic rock/blues get a crate palomino. you can get good distortion from bedroom volume. Valve junior would be hard to get a zep'ish overdrive at bedroom. it would work in a jam though.

so save up for a Crate Palomino. V8 is what you can aim for at $250, but for $350, u can get a 15w V16. better deal for you.

EDIT: actually V8 is $200.
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I do want some effects but only if the amp would still have a decent tone. I dont need the tone to be amazing though.
Maybe get the little Epi VJ and mod it as you see fit? You will get good tones from it stock but if you want later, you can add a pedal to the mix to dial-in your tone.

Just a thought

sorry still kinda dumb when it come to amps, first time really shopping for one.

I do like versatility and the ability to get more than one tone out of an amp from amp modeling but if it comes at the cost of getting an overall good tone.. i dont know. from the reviews ive read the valvetronics seem to have really good tone for a hybrid amp.
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I agree, nothing beats power tube saturation, I feel that valvetronix will offer more right now. Also it gives him greater insight of what kind of amp to buy when his budget is greater.
Not like $200 is a lot of cash, so no big loss and a nice little practice amp for when he goes for a larger tube amp.