Like the titel says, last questio about gera from me.

Firstly, I heard flying Vs warp beyond the normal warpage of guitars. I heard they NEED to be stored in a hardcase (Which I'd do anyways...) or they start bending in really weird ways...

Secondly - Which AMP should I get? I know i've asked before but I never got a rea answer. I need something around 500 $ CDN that can play small-medium gigs (if it's possible for that price range...) and is preferably a tube. I don't know how much wattage is needed for a small-medium thinger.

Thirdly - Effects. Should i get pedals upon pedals or just get a v-ampire or some other effect processor?

Fourth - pickups. I was thinking of getting either a Gibson standard V or a Jackson. Are gibson pickups any good? Howabout jackson?

Fifth - I've heard if you cnonnect several pedals together it makes the quality worse and worse of each pedal, is this true? If so, should I get an effects processor?

Last but not least - I keep hearing things about action and wiring and all this junk and people say adjust it to what you feel comfortable with. But the say adjust it right when you get the guitar. How do you know if it's good for you without screwing with it? What do they mean by those terms?

Thanks if you read through all that.
1. Unless you live in a very humid area, the neck on the guitar warping shouldn't be a problem. Flying v's aren't more prone to being warped, I believe. As long as you keep it on a stand or in a case, you should be fine.

2. When you "daisy chain" pedals together, you get signal degradation, as well as "coloring of the signal. Some pedals offer true bypass, though I find it isn't worth it unless you have the cash. I use a skb pedalboard with about 7 pedals on it, and I wouldn't use any more effects than you have to.

3. I can't remember your other questions, but regarding the jackson vs gibson, they're totally different guitars. The jackson's have seymour duncan pickups, which are good all around rock-metal pickups, and the gibson has the 500t/496r pickups, which I personally love, but some think they are too hot to give good cleans. As far as playability goes, the jackson has a wider fretboard, and thinner neck and alder body, which is a good tonewood for lead, and probably larger frets, which is good for lead playing, and the gibson has a thicker neck, and mahogany body, which gives you a deeper sound. It all comes down to preference, though with your music styles, I would go with the gibson.

4. There is no 4.

But seriously, action is how high/low the strings are off the fretboard, which affects how easy it is to bend/fret, and depends on what is comfortable to you. Lead playing often favors low action, where rhythm generally favors a slightly higher action. And blues has ****ing high action. It's all preference.

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1. yes fling vs do infact lose a lot of tone and shape if your in any climate besides the desert.
2.im not sure what to tel ya about an amp.. anything tube and over 500 bucks would prolly sound great.
3. well a good tube shouldnt need anything too crazy... (i draw the line at wah and rotory horns as effects go. anything else is just to wierd)
4. ah. my favorite subject. most gibsons iv played come with thier standard alcino stuff. of which im not a fan at all. i say go out and find a pickup that noone ever uses and make your own sound with it. (i have a dimarzio X2N at my bridge and disabled my neck so my switchcaster is now a killswitch. :] but really. music is about making it your own and breaking rules not following directions of other musicians.)
5.it is true. solid state effects will only mudd up other solid state effects. vox makes an awesome processor called tonelab. its your best bet for getting crazy with mods.
No.. There's absolutely no reason why V's would warp more than other kind of guitars.