I have the chance to buy a used Carvin Legagcy 100watt all tube combo amp for $500, new they're $1100 so it sounds like a good deal to me. The only catch is theres no way for me to play it before I buy it. From what I've read and heard from soundclips/videos the amp sound awesome and is really a dream amp for me. But I've never actually had the chance to play one myself so I can't be sure. So what do you think I should do is it a good deal? Can I sell it for how much I'm paying if for some reason I don't like it? Any experience with the Legacy please share, thanks.
Yes! If you don't like it can you return it? And, if you just resold it you'd makea profit. Even if it doesn't work, you could probably fix it up for less than the price of a new one! Jump. on. it.
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No returns but its a pretty trust worthy source so I think I'm gonna buy it. Anyone have experience with a Legacy?
^Yeah, played one a couple of times at the local music shop. One time it was just me and a friend playing it for about half an hour(i know the shop owner), and the other when i bought a pedal and he plugged it into a legacy combo. It has the best clean sound i have ever heard, and the distortion is great. Definately go for it.