i really need ideas for a chorus. for some reason i always end up with verses with no chorus....:
dont tell me, im not the one
you cant say that, it wasn't fun
to fall in love, or to just stare
remember when i bleched my hair?

recall the time, we were in bed
the worthless words, were left unsaid
and one more time, settle for less
we left the room, a freakin' mess

i love when you, laughed at me
for breaking in, to watch tv
ande breaking up, a thousand times
we must have been, out of our minds
"my stupid love song" is an odd title, too.
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ok, well it's your song but this is just a suggestion. maybe to make the title fit more, you could put something like "so this is my stupid love song about the way we were..." or something along that path. i dunno, just an idea.