ive only just started playing acoustic after playing electric for a couple of years, and the action of my acoustic is just a little bit high for my liking, i know my fingers will get stronger as i go but for the moment i was thinking of getting another saddle and sanding it down a bit, was looking on ebay and found a brand called tusq, are they any good? otherwise i found packs of 5 for about the same price, but im guessing they are just no-brand ones...any opinions? reccomendations?
i know, but i thought just incase i stuff it up or anything..also, this way i can go back to what it used to be whenever i want
Tusq is man made bone. The mfr claims it to have better tone and sustain than true bone, but I've read plenty that points to the contrary. See if you can get an actual bone saddle blank instead. The current day supply is huge, and is a by-product of the beef market, so blanks are readily available. Plus, they're cheap at less than $10/blank. In either case, you will need to work the blank to fit your particular guitar's bridge slot. You'll want a snug fit. Truely flat on the bottom, and curved along the top face where the string's lay to match the radius of the fretboard.
Frets.com has detailed instructions on how to do this.