this is a 6 minute 30ish second song that I cant really put into particuliar genre. It has a fair amount of melodies, with a lead in the intro, and a short lead later on. I like to mix up the structure of my songs rather than have a basic intro-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-breakdown/fill-chorus-outro setup, this song is a bit more standard structure wise than most of my songs but still breaks the mold a bit I think.

Please dont just listen to the first minute and think the song is crap, the intro is probably the worst part of the song and needs work still. Even though I have finished the basic layout and such from start to finish its not necasarily a finished product, so any comments/suggestions would be appreciated
that was pretty bad. first off, get rid of those g#'s!!! you are clearly attempting to use b minor harmonies, but why the g#'s??? it hurts my ears

the rest is simply uninspired
I think you're use of triplet note groupings in the lead sounds not so good at time, you might wanna try it with some slight changes there. Over all it was pretty damn good, maybe a bit repetitve sounding from time to time, but that's where the rest of the bend comes in to play.
Inhuman evil take down!
Well your ideas are fine, but you really need to sort out your harmony. For example some chords in places didn't fit with the lead part at all, and your harmonising of the lead in other parts was pretty off as well. I can deal with dischord in songs but in this case it just doesn't work in the slightest, especially if your going for a melodic metal style.

Just rethink your harmonies and perhaps those triplet phrases in the intro like other have said and you should be okay.

Happy composing!