I'm looking to make a guitar, and being an Australian I wanted to build it predominantly from Aussie woods. I emailed Maton guitars who make their's from Australian woods and this is what they recommended I use for a solid-body, neck through electric guitar:

"Body = QLD Maple, Silkwood or Bunya. Top = Cap Figured Blackwood. Neck = Blackwood. Fingerboard = Desert Acacia (many varieties), Redgum or Mulga. There must be many varieties in WA that I am unfamiliar with, the wood must be well seasoned before use".

The reason I asked them about Western Australian woods is because that's where I'm from, but if anyone knows of any other woods from anywhere in Australian that would work as well or better than these, then please do tell.

the maton EM325C has QLD maple sides, thats a really nice wood. its one of the nicest sounding matons ive heard, its great.
Tasmanian Blackwood is just simply amazing for a top or a solid body. You could email Perry Ormsby and see what some of his suggestions are.
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