sometimes when trying to watch videos on Youtube, i get the message "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player". it only happens occasionally and don't tell me to get the latest flash player because i know that i have it and i DO have JavaScript turned on. how do i fix?
well sometimes that happens to me just keep in refreshing the page until it works
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Well have you tried using any thing other than internet explorer? if you try a different browser and it works uninstall internet explorer by going into add or remove programs then add or remove windows components and follow the directions. Umm you can uninstall java script in add or remove programs and reinstall that also if no good p.m. me i have had this problem before maybe ill remember what i did!
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Get Firefox. All will be resolved.


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what is so great about fire fox and does it cost money to download
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No it does not cost money and much more stable. It also has alot of cool add-ons that internet explorer does not have. you can get it at filehippo.com
With fat friends there are no see-saws.. just catapults!