My legato is extremley quiet, and it sounds weak because of this. How can I make it louder?
actually pull the string for your pulloffs.dont just let it go, pull it down as you release it, watch a few of kristofer dahls vids on UG, theres a legato one in shred masterclass.
If your strings are old, replace them. And using some distortion helps things.
This could be your tone. What is your setup and how much gain are you using?
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This could be your tone. What is your setup and how much gain are you using?

I'm using a washburn X50PRO through a soon-to-be-replaced Marshall AVT100.
And im using gain at around 8.5.
Actually you could try to set your action lower. That might help.
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Practice each pair of two fingers separately.This will really help your legatho technique. First try hammer-ons using just your 1st and 2nd fingers. Here`s an example:Pick the first note and hammer on the second one.

g 1h2 1h2 etc
d 1h2 1h2

Now do the same thing using just finger 1 and 3 then 1 4,23,24,34.

Practice pull-offs the same way. 21,31 etc. Of course you don`t have to play the exercises in 1st position between just the d and g string.Play it from low to high e strings move up a fret and play it from high e to the low e string is another way for example.These exercises can be very boring to play I know but they will really help you develope a stronger left hand .Don`t overdo it,stop if you feel any pain.