I had the pleasure of seeing the boys on the 20th and 22nd. Has anyone else checked them out on this tour?
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I saw them in Toronto on the 13th. Deffinitely the best show I've been to besides the Stones in '05 and Iron Maiden in '06!
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im seeing them in las vegas the 28th of december
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just saw them last night in DC. best concert i've been to, hands down.
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i can't wait for them to come to the UK. They better stick to their word when they say they're doing shows in Europe.

Are the tickets expensive?
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Saw them in Cleveland last month. It was awsome, but Wolfgang looked a little out of place.
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I went to the show in detroit on october 20th...it was awsome they all sounded great and eddie sounded brilliant. I would easily pay the $150 to see them again!