I'm going to be buying a new guitar soon as I currently only have one of those rubbishy starter ones. Im interested in playing mainly hard rock like GNR and also blues rock, hair metal, and some heavier stuff. Im currently tied between an epiphone les paul custom (£300-£400), a BC rich mockingbird masterpiece (£250-£350), and an epiphone g400 (£150-£200). If I bought the G400 I would probably also be able to buy a better practice amp and/or and acoustic. I'm aware that all of them could perform the genres i wanted (some better than others) if used correctly. Sorry this is yet another new guitar thread but please could you give your opinions?!
I only know how the LP sounds, so I can't give you advice about this. Sorry man!

But I suggest to get the cheap one and buy a decent amp - the amp matters most if you want to get good sound
Out of those, I'd reccomend the Les Paul Custom. I own the Standard, and I manage the stuff you play okay (Especially GnR!), so a Custom will be even better because of the quality. The G400 is also a decent guitar, but I've no experience with the Mocking bird. I reccomend you try them all out.
id go mockingbird, but yeh, theyre nto exactly the most comfortable things to play, kinda irritating actully i dunno about that one but mines balanced badly too, top heavy, very annoyingbut i luv it.
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Id go with the LP
Although the G400 is really good for its price, and if you really need a new amp/acoustic id go with that
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You can get the slash signature mocking bird of thomann for about £300 which you may want to look into - I would go withthe sg g400 or custom purely because they are good guitars which can handle the sounds your going for and you will also get more for your money with an acoustic or practice amp upgrade although i prefer the epi customs just need to think what you want the most
Go for the Les Paul because i am stuck in you shoes too.

Go for Les Paul because like me, your music choice changes with age.


I play Blues metal and clasical stuf and hair metal and heavy metal.

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Thanks guys. Yeah Id like a new amp and acoustic but with Christmas coming up i could probably get a decent amp then (I can wait.....sorta). I've got enough money to buy an amp as well as the LP but I need some for going out etc. I'm not too bothered about an acoustic at the moment so I'm thinking along the lines of LP now, amp Christmas, acoustic later. Would these guitars last for me untill I reach higher levels? Because I dont want to spend a lot on a guitar just to have to upgrade soon.
The Slash sig is a good choise too - it's the higher end pickups, the original floyd if you'd rather have a trem, and it's DAMN pretty. Those masterpieces are nice too... THe G-400 I'm not sure'll give you that sound as well as the LP or the Mockingbird, but it's a good choice for a budget. The Mockingbird'll tie in best if you wanna have a go at looking the part as well as sounding it. Although to be fair, I'd go 1: the LP Custom & Mockingbird tied, and 3: the G-400.
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Go with the Epiphone LP Custom. It's a great guitar and will fit your tastes of music perfectly!
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I could get a standard LP instead of the custom and have a bit more money for amp/acoustic/another. Though I'm definitely prepared to pay a bit more for better quality. Do you guys think the custom would be much better quality?
I myself would definatly go for the Les Paul. Especially for GN'R.