In the forest by the swamps and trees,
Flocks of bird gathered near a bright light,
In where life ends and where it began,
Total darkness and chaos followed by,
Killing the innocent birds as they try to fly by.

On the other side I could see,
A man and his son walked through the path,
"son, never wish upon a star" he said,
As they continued unto their journey,
The man couldn't thwart the blinding light,
his son forsaken, vagrant..

As trammel blooms and curiousity swells,
I began searching for what was right,
But I'd end up looking for The Light,
The bright light that existed only for a while,
To blacken the final chapters of my life.

As my vision fades I knew it was time,
Time for me to seek the truth and the light,
In the life of an ordinary man,
This is what i will get for what i'd wished,
Total darkness followed me on and on,
As i held my breath and wished upon the star.
i like the title

the vocab is a little beyond me but if you can sing it, go for it (unless its just poetry)